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Assessing the Hypertension Market in Medicare and Medicaid Populations

The ADVI Health Strategic Analytics, Value, and Economics (SAVEs) team performed an analysis of the Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries currently undergoing hypertension medication treatment for a biopharmaceutical company. This analysis will allow the client to better understand their place in the market and navigate an upcoming product launch.

The Challenge

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a major risk factor for coronary artery disease, heart failure, end-stage renal disease, stroke, and peripheral arterial disease. In 2020, more than 20 million Medicare beneficiaries were diagnosed with hypertension. Identifying and treating hypertension in high-risk patients can significantly reduce cardiovascular events. Although plenty of antihypertensive medications are currently on the market, patient adherence to their oral antihypertensive medications remains a challenge.

A US-based biopharmaceutical company developed a novel treatment to improve patient adherence through infrequent dosing. The biopharmaceutical company turned to ADVI Health to understand the current landscape of hypertensive patients to help navigate their drug launch. They wanted to identify where their product would fall in the care continuum, quantify the hypertension population, and assess patient costs and outcomes.

The Strategy

With ADVI SAVEs’ access to the 100 percent Medicare and Medicaid claims datasets, we were able to identify beneficiaries with established cardiovascular disease, high-risk and low-risk patient populations, and patient demographic profiles. The biopharmaceutical company and ADVI worked closely to analyze the cost of care across systems, time to events, healthcare utilization metrics, and the occurrence of adverse events. The analysis also provided broader insights into Part D beneficiaries taking hypertensive medications by assessing treatment patterns, concurrency, proportions of days covered, adherence, and persistence to medications.

The Results

ADVI SAVEs assessment provided insights to better understand the hypertension population, the type of care they received, and the cost of care and outcomes to support future efforts of drug launch and go-to-market strategy.