Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is poised to have significant implications for many pharma companies in the near future. Review the resources below for up-to-date information on how the IRA came to be, implications for the industry, and insights on recent updates.

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Listen in as ADVI expert Brenna Raines shares key takeaways from AVBCC Summit on the IRA.
(November 14, 2023)

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Hear more from Caitlin Sheetz as she sheds light on key insights from a recent study and takeaways from AMCP Nexus.
(November 7, 2023)

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Valuable insights in the complex and evolving landscape of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) from the 2023 Inovalon’s Customer Congress
(November 2, 2023)

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IRA Update: ‘Bona Fide’ Marketing and the Latest on Government Negotiation
(August 9, 2023)

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Vice president and head of policy, Lindsay Bealor Greenleaf, shared insights on the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

Hear more from Lindsay on what’s to come during the implementation of the IRA.

(September 15, 2023)

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ADVI Expert Discusses Medicare Drug Pricing Negotiation’s “Spillover Effect” With AIS Health
(September 1, 2023)

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ADVI Expert Discusses Inflation Reduction Act with Pink Sheet
(August 31, 2023)

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On September 1, CMS will announce the first 10 drugs that will be targeted for government negotiation under the IRA.

ADVI has early insights on which drugs made the list.

(August 1, 2023)

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Having an approved and marketed generic or biosimilar does not necessarily exclude the innovator drug from the IRA government negotiation policy.

(July 25, 2023)

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The CMS will only consider active designations for the IRA Orphan Drug Exclusion. 

(July 18, 2023)

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ADVI Instant: IRA Update – CMS Issues Revised Negotiation Guidance

(June 30, 2023)

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ADVI Health Expert Discusses CMS’ Inflation Rebate Guidance With AIS Health
(Feb 23, 2023)

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At the 2023 Biopharma Congress, our ADVI experts examined this new wave of changes following the IRA.

Here are key takeaways that came out of the compelling discussion.

(February 23, 2023)

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ADVI Experts Lindsay Bealor Greenleaf and Brenna Raines discuss prescription drug pricing following the Inflation Reduction Act.
(January 23, 2023)

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AVBCC 2022 Key Takeaways: The impact of the IRA is beyond impacts to pricing
(Oct 26, 2022)

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ADVI Leaders Share IRA Insights with Managed Healthcare Executive

(Oct 13, 2022)

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ADVI Expert Speaks With Modern Healthcare About What the IRA Means for PBMs (Oct 18, 2022)

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ADVI Instant: Congress just passed the Inflation Reduction Act
(Aug 12, 2022)

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Given the potential loss of countless new lifesaving treatments and of the ability to live longer, healthier lives, the gravity of the Inflation Reductin Act cannot be overstated.

Lindsay Bealor Greenleaf, Vice President and Head of Policy and Reimbursement

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