What are We Excited to Bring to ADVI Clients in 2024?

As the first quarter of 2024 is coming to a close, we wrap up our 2024 ADVI Health Predictions series with some updates that you can expect from, and experience with, ADVI in the next several months. We asked our ADVI experts what they are most looking forward to sharing with their clients in 2024.

Marc Samuels, President and CEO

There are so many things that I would love to bring to clients in 2024 including new products and services. But if I had to distill it down to one word, it would be data, data, data. I think the data opportunities that we have and that have been growing at ADVI exponentially over the last couple of years are really important, and something that, interestingly, many of our clients still don’t know that we have. The other piece would be modeling opportunities. We’re doing quite a bit of modeling. Whether that is CBO scoring or modeling in terms of the IRA. Both of those things are things I think clients would significantly benefit from, as they already benefit from our great consulting services.

Marci Mutti, Senior Vice President and Head of Advisory Services

We’re excited about our expanded market access offerings. We encourage you to reach out. We’d welcome the opportunity to speak with you about our expanded market access offerings across the full spectrum spanning from diligence and valuation to strategy, tactics, and training.

Sarah Butler, Chief Commercial Officer, ADVI Health
In 2024, we will continue building out our capabilities in go-to-market strategy and market access opportunities for our life sciences customers, as well as expand on our policy and data and analytics capabilities. In the past year, we’ve made some really critical hires. We’ve brought in leaders that have 25-plus years of experience in market access. This year, we’re going to continue to build out a team and invest in more tools and research capabilities to support our clients.

Our Cell and Gene therapy team is growing and we’re excited to grow further and bring more of our services to new and existing clients.

Caitlin Sheetz, Solution Leader, Strategic Analytics, Value and Economics (SAVEs)

I’m excited to bring together our analytic capabilities and data assets alongside our policy and market access expertise to deliver the most comprehensive insights to our clients.

Josh Greenblatt, Senior Vice President, Market Access

We have a tremendous opportunity to collaborate across a number of different services that we offer here at ADVI. The increased use of data analytics in our commercial practice is going to be an incredible offering and one that I haven’t seen the likes of before.

Lauren Feldman, Solution Leader, Market Access Precision Medicine

ADVI is continuing to expand on our capabilities and offerings to best support our clients in the precision medicine space. Specifically, we’ve added clinical advisers and payer advisors to help our team support our clients earlier in their product development life cycles. We focused on clinical evidence development planning to ensure that the studies that our clients are initiating are informed by real-time payer perspectives with a goal of ensuring that when these products get to market, they will be covered and paid. We also have partnered with our Strategic Analytics, Value and Economics team to bring data and informed insights to our clients to help make recommendations and provide actionable next steps in terms of product development and product commercialization strategies.

We are working with manufacturers that are targeted for the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) government price-setting policy. We’re working with them right now across our policy data and market access teams to help them navigate this new process. We began these efforts in 2023 and we’re excited to ramp up these efforts even more in 2024.

Michael Beebe, Executive Vice President, Reimbursement

We’re looking for ways to get into the smaller medical device companies – the companies that have venture capital-backed investments that are just getting started. We’re looking at developing offerings to help those companies understand what they need as they grow up, who they want to be as they grow up, and then the path to get there. I’m looking forward to spending more time with the smaller companies and helping them understand the requirements of the larger reimbursement system.

Peter Kardel, Chief Data Scientist, Strategic Analytics, Value and Economics (SAVEs)
As ADVI grows with new verticals, new sales teams, and new marketing team efforts with more collaborators, I’m excited to bring our clients new connections that we have internally and provide them with comprehensive offerings.

Yana Volman, Solution Leader, Market Access Pharma

2024 is going to be absolutely amazing. We are building out more in-depth capabilities, market research, and other solutions to provide our clients with different applications for our growing areas of expertise.

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