Sarah Butler Discusses IRA and Commercial Strategy With ConnectiveRx

On June 4, ADVI Health’s chief commercial officer, Sarah Butler, sat down with Chris Dowd of ConnectiveRx, Richard Fahrer of Pfizer, and Don Sawyer, JD, of Streamline Therapeutics for ConnectiveRx’s webinar, Bracing the Impact: The Future of Hub, Pap, and Affordability Programs Under the Inflation Reduction Act.

In this discussion, Sarah addressed why the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is a top focus for Biopharma manufacturer clients and how it relates to the potential longer-term consequences on drug development. With the IRA significantly impacting pharmaceutical manufacturers from a commercial strategy standpoint, Sarah shared four main areas of concern:

  • Indication Sequencing
  • Launch Price Planning
  • Which markets to launch in first – EU vs US
  • Investments in R&D

Sarah further expands on the competitive dynamics in the industry, longer term implications for drug development and innovation, where clients should be best prepared for adaptation of IRA shifts, and more.

ADVI will continue monitoring developments and the next steps. Get in touch to learn more about how we can support your commercialization, market access, and policy needs. 

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Sarah Butler

Chief Commercial Officer