Top 5 Questions Clients Should be Asking in 2024

We are a month into 2024, and our clients are consistently seeking unique ways to improve access to care and patient outcomes. In certain scenarios, uncovering a solution to a problem has more to do with asking the right questions. We asked some of our ADVI experts to highlight some questions that our clients should be asking this year and listed the top five responses below.

  1. Are we prepared for the 2024 election and an interesting year in healthcare policy?

There’s the continued focus on government price vetting at the federal and state levels, mostly stemming from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and the State Prescription Drug Affordability Board (PDAB). With the election this year, there is a lot of uncertainty and unpredictability as to what the future holds. It’s important for clients to have the right team in place now with a plan to take that on.

  1. How can we best position ourselves and our products to capitalize on the momentum within the industry?

The amount of change and momentum that we are currently experiencing in the diagnostic and precision medicine space is largely unprecedented. As our clients continue to bring new and improved products and innovations to market, it will be critical to see how the healthcare industry responds. These new innovations are critical to the healthcare space regarding how they are interpreted. The overall goal is to be able to collaboratively ensure that patients have access to high-quality innovations.

  1. Do we have enough of — and the right type of — evidence? Are we going to meet the demands of payers?

It is extremely important for clients to consider supportive clinical evidence to meet payers’ expectations and demands. Finding out how exactly our clients can go about gathering this evidence is crucial to prove their outcomes to have sufficient opportunities to get reimbursement.

Michael Beebe, Executive Vice President, Reimbursement

  1. How can we best adapt our business?

Changes from the IRA are essential for clients to consider in global terms. These changes are instrumental not only in how we sell our products and adapt to change reimbursement, but also in how that filters out to patients, providers, health plans, and other partners that we have in the channels we serve.

Marc Samuels, CEO and President

  1. What do we need to consider when launching new products?

When introducing new products, clients need to evaluate what metrics need to be met, and how exactly they can execute their product development plan to meet them. This data is essential when it comes to the time to demonstrate the value of their product.

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