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Case Study: Novel Car T-Cell Reimbursement and Positioning Strategy

The ADVI Health Market Access team worked with a novel cell therapy manufacturer to evaluate the reimbursement landscape and product positioning for a game-changing CAR T-cell product. Hear more from Alicia Silver, director of Market Access, as she shares some insights from this successful oncology partnership.

Video Transcript

Melyssa: In 280 characters, or less, describe a project you engaged in this year which yielded results that you’re proud of.

Alicia: One of the projects that we worked on this year that I’m most proud of is when my team was engaging with a client who is a novel cell therapy manufacturer. They haven’t gone into clinical trials yet. They brought us in to evaluate a product as a game-changing CAR T product by looking at the reimbursement landscape, but also thinking about product positioning. In the process, my team got to learn a lot about the whole landscape for novel CAR T that’s next generation including new platforms and new bedside applications – all really exciting work.

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