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Case Study: Product Ideation and Commercialization Strategies

The ADVI Health Market Access team assisted a client in identifying new product ideas and commercialization strategies by leveraging the power of machine learning and AI. Hear more from Lauren Feldman, solution leader for market access – precision medicine, as she shares some insights from this successful partnership.

Video Transcript

Melyssa: In 280 characters, or less, describe a project you engaged in this year which yielded results that you’re proud of.

Lauren: This year, we had the pleasure of working with a client on some exciting new product ideas leveraging the power of machine learning and AI, and applying that to genomic sequencing. We had the opportunity to work across our internal teams, and our external advisers in our network, and even engage active commercial health plan medical directors to try and think through the clinical unmet need, the patient impact, and the financial implications of different product configurations. In doing that, we were able to synthesize all of the insights we gleaned from these varying perspectives and put together recommendations to best advise our clients on the commercialization strategies and tactics that we thought would be most successful.

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