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Case Study: Reimbursement Strategy for Lifesaving Cervical Dilator

The ADVI Health Reimbursement team assisted a client in negotiating a reimbursement strategy for a new cervical dilator product aimed to reduce pre-term labor and cesareans. Hear more from Michael Beebe, executive vice president, as he shares some insights from this successful project.

Video Transcript

Melyssa: In 280 characters, or less, describe a project you engaged in this year which yielded results that you’re proud of.

Michael: I think everybody’s probably heard the news about the United States having the highest maternal and child mortality rates among high-income countries. We worked with a client to get the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to consent to review payment for a new cervical dilator product, a superior product that’s used in labor and delivery. This product is expected to benefit both women and children by allowing women to stay out of the hospital until they absolutely need to give birth. It’s also expected to reduce the rate of cesarean section and premature deliveries. We are very excited about that.

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