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Case Study: Uncovering Potential for Products with Clinical, Epidemiology, and Real-World Cost Benefits

The ADVI Market Access team assisted a client in uncovering opportunities for their product to truly make a difference in patient lives beyond just clinical potential. Hear more from Yana Volman, market access – pharma solution leader, as she shares insights from this successful partnership.

Video Transcript

Melyssa: I’m hoping we can have a little fun with this “2023 at a glance” question, especially with the mention of Twitter – or X for that matter. Is it still called a Tweet? As a live X, in 280 characters, or less describe a project you engaged in this year that yielded results that you’re proud of.

Yana: There are so many examples to choose from, but we just completed a market effort in cell therapy that has a lot of promise in the complexity state. We considered its clinical potential, but also epidemiology and real-world cost to define a patient population where their product can truly make a difference.

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