ADVI Will Be Presenting at Upcoming 15th Annual Next Generation Dx Summit

ADVI Health experts will be attending the 15th Annual Next Generation Dx Summit from August 21 – 23, 2023 in Washington, DC.

ADVI expert Lauren Feldman, vice president and head of Market Access Precision Medicine will be leading the Overcoming Challenges to Enhance Commercial Success of Advanced Diagnostics session, providing an overview of key considerations for advanced diagnostic innovators to achieve reimbursement success in a competitive environment.

This presentation will provide insights into how reimbursement planning can be incorporated into test development to optimize coverage and payment, observations on market access strategies that work and ones that don’t, and pitfalls to avoid when launching advanced molecular diagnostics in the marketplace.

Join us at the event. Get in Touch to learn more.


Lauren Feldman

Solution Leader, Market Access Precision Medicine

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