Biggest Barriers to Market Access in the Evolving Healthcare Landscape

As healthcare evolves, so does market access. From new team structures to mergers and acquisitions, pharma and device manufacturers must now navigate, adapt, and pivot within a new set of norms. To better understand the shifting landscape, we asked ADVI experts Yana Volman, solution leader, Market Access, Biopharma, and Josh Greenblatt, senior vice president, Market Access, and to provide a quick overview of some of the key issues that are shaping market access strategies today.

With the evolving healthcare landscape, one of the most critical actions for pharmaceutical and device manufacturers is to stay nimble and learn to pivot and adapt team structures to the set of customers, stakeholders, and decision-makers. With the emergence of new behaviors and challenges, optimizing engagement with organized customers has become imperative now more than ever. Teams must increase their relevance, deepen their understanding of customers’ business models and priorities, expand relationships within organizations to cross-business units, and look beyond the scope of their traditional engagement.

This becomes increasingly important with the rise in mergers and acquisitions where entities may now reach across provider practices, healthcare coverage, policy design, and beyond. While vertical and horizontal integration can potentially increase healthcare delivery efficiencies, it raises concerns about centralized decision-making and its impact on patient care. Increased industry consolidation may also increase barriers to effective conversations about appropriate access.

In addition to changing business models and increasing control, a rise in “me-too” competition and financial pressures has made market penetration more difficult. With eroding profitability and pressure from centralized distribution chains, devising effective contracting and channel strategies becomes paramount.

Finally, manufacturers need to keep an eye on the future to stay ahead of the curve and evolve in anticipation of future trends to mitigate barriers to access. They should continue to deepen their focus on field teams’ agility, budget impact modeling, channel optimization, and – ultimately – patient access.

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