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ADVI Expert Michael Beebe Shares Insights on Psychedelic Therapy Reimbursement

May 2, 2023, ADVI Health experts are working to ensure that physicians can get paid for providing psychedelic treatment services. Michael BeeBe, executive vice president for ADVI’s device and diagnostics business lines, focusing specifically on coding, payment, and coverage strategies sat down with reporter Lara Goldstein to talk about how the AMA is moving toward psychedelic therapy reimbursement, which is filling a gap in regulations.

In the interview, Beebe states that as reimbursement following the new CPT code will not be mandatory, it will largely be a question of the payers’ willingness to look at the published clinical data and trust that it can be replicated in real-world conditions, keeping in mind that it is directed to patients who have not responded to the traditional standard of care and therefore have few remaining alternatives. Both public and commercial payers will be able to decide for themselves whether they want to cover these codes and ultimately pay.

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