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Marc Samuels Quoted in Pink Sheet

Trump, Congress And The Future Of Value-Based Drug Contracting

Written by Cathy Kelly
Friday, 11 November 2016


CMS-driven experiments in value-based purchasing may slow in the new US administration but commercial pressures to price drugs according to their value will not.

The pace and trajectory of federal government involvement in promoting value-based drug contracting for prescription drugs may change under the administration of President-elect Donald Trump but it probably won’t go away altogether.



“I believe there are things that will change. But I’m not as bullish as some drug [industry] colleagues that things will just disappear,” Marc Samuels, founder and CEO of the ADVI consulting firm, said in an interview.

“There may be a growing number of advisors in his camp, as well as the president-elect himself, that would not want to get rid of CMMI wholesale,” ADVI’s Samuels suggests.

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