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Private Equity Firms Are Increasingly Targeting Oncology, New Data Show

July 5, 2023, Senior advisor at ADVI Health and Oncologist,  Michael Kolodziej, MD, sat down with OBR Oncology to discuss the increasing amount of oncology clinics that have become associated with PE funding. While some experts see benefits, others have raised concerns about what this growth could mean for oncologists and patients.

Kolodziej agreed that what the editorialists describe as the agenda for PE firms is accurate; however, he says there’s no evidence that the profit goal and subsequent selling and consolidating will affect care or access. Stating that it merits watching but does not differ from other relationships between a funding organization and provider network, and that hospitals have a larger impact on how oncologists practice.

Although PE firms think oncology practices are a good investment, Kolodziej said, “I don’t think [firms] pretend to have any expertise in how cancer care is delivered.”

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