ADVI Senior Advisor Matt Salo at MAHP 2024

ADVI Health senior advisor, Matt Salo, attended the 39th Annual Michigan Association of Health Plans (MAHP) Conference in Traverse City, MI on July 9-12. This conference brings together Michigan health industry representatives, key policymakers from key Michigan departments and the State Legislature to discuss critical issues facing the health care industry.

On Wednesday, July 10, Matt moderated the panel discussion, “The Right Script: Quality, Value and Affordability Options for Prescription Medications and Therapies,” on the rising costs of prescription drugs, and market and employer-based strategies that address these costs.

The session aimed to address the challenges of quality, value and affordability. Matt encouraged the panelists and audience to think of ways to bring together payers, manufacturers, and the patients to maximize solutions. He also stressed the significance of finding answers that improve access and affordability of GLP-1s to address the worsening obesity epidemic.

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Matt Salo

Senior Advisor