ADVI’s Pete Kardel Discusses Cytokine Release Syndrome and CAR-T at AMCP

On April 17, Pete Kardel, ADVI’s chief data scientist for the Strategic Analytics, and Value Economics (SAVEs) team, presented a panel at AMCP 2024 on the “Rate of Cytokine Release Syndrome in CAR-T for Medicare Fee-for-Service Beneficiaries: Analysis of Over 3 Years of Claims,” which was awarded a bronze podium presentation. This is the third AMCP event the ADVI has been awarded recognition for their podium presentations.

In his presentation, Pete highlights the harmful effects that come along with Cytokine Release Syndrome (CRS) and his team’s work to determine the rate of CRS among CAR-T Medicare beneficiaries. The ADVI team researched Medicare Fee-for-Service data in inpatient and outpatient settings from Q3 2020 to Q4 2022, to determine the prevalence of and potential predictors for CRS. The findings resulted in 2,733 cases of patients using CAR-T, with 68% having a CRS diagnosis in the three months post-CAR-T. The results also showed patients receiving treatment in an inpatient setting were more likely to have a CRS diagnosis.

ADVI experts are now seeing several thousands of beneficiaries receiving CAR-T and will continue to examine treatment pathways leading up to CAR-T and even post-CAR-T to better understand predictors of treatment success.

Hear from Pete as he shares more on his poster and presentation on CRS related to CAR-T.

You can view the poster from the event here: ADVI AMCP 2024 Poster.

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